About Us


Alan Pinkus has a love of all things beautiful, creating amazing feminine & elegant shoes in every detail."I like to describe some of our shoes as fantasy. 

They are sexy and exciting and we want our customers to feel good about themselves by wearing shoes that look fantastic. Put your best foot forward every day” says Alan who is a well-known and respected within the footwear industry, having worked alongside some of the footwear greats including Bill Ritchie.

It all started in the mid 1950’s when Alan joined his late brother Brian in their first shoe store in Hampton.In 1959,Pinkus built a large upmarket family shoe destination with many international designers. On a raised dais surrounded by a limed timber balustrade complete with a chaise lounge and chandelier, a boutique was created, the first in Australia catering solely to the entire Bridal party. In early 1970, Alan and Diana Pinkus, his wife and partner, developed the existing Swanston Street location into a ground and lower level space totaling 6000 sq. ft. of shoe paradise, which was unique in Australia! Due to economic circumstances, Pinkus was forced to close his store in 1991. Myer requested Alan Pinkus bridal party and special events expertise, and thus the first Alan Pinkus concession store opened on the Myer shoe floor in March 2005, followed by Brisbane, Chadstone, Sydney and Perth. 

On many occasions Alan Pinkus gets asked the question why he has been involved in the development of ladies shoes for over 50 years."Simply, the joy and personal satisfaction that one receives when a female proudly "walks tall”, looking great, setting off the total look, in a beautiful pair of Alan Pinkus shoes!”